Friday, February 23, 2007

The REAL confusion surrounding NASCAR

We don’t know about you, but we are sick and freaking tired of the incessant NASCAR coverage that has taken over ESPN over the past couple weeks. First our favorite ESPN Radio host, Erik Kusileas, leaves his show to host a two-bit NASCAR preview show. Then, our favorite Cav from our childhood, Brad Daugherty, signs on to co-host the show with Kusileas. Then, they pre-empt an entire week of our favorite ESPN show, Pardon the Interruption, just to preview the Daytona 500. And as if that wasn’t enough, they spend most of Sportscenter each day in the week leading up to, and following the 500, talking about the race. We know that the WWL just received the rights to televise racing, and suits there believe that anything that is televised on ESPN, is necessarily more important than anything that isn’t (seen much hockey coverage on Sportscenter lately??), but enough is enough.

We don’t claim to know anything about NASCAR, even after this inundation. We have no idea how cars driving around in circles has become the fastest growing televised sport in this country. We are thoroughly confused by all discussions of crew chiefs, bump drafting, caution flags, and restrictor plates. But of all of the things that confuse us about NASCAR, the most befuddling is the fact that these road-raging, motor oil soaked, Skoal spittin’ hillbillys are able to pull the caliber of chicks that they consistently pull.

First, meet Ingrid Vandenbosch.
She is married to Jeff Gordon. Even among NASCAR drivers, this dude gets clowned mercilessly, and this was the woman he ended up with.

Or perhaps you prefer Mara Kadish.She has been linked to somebody named Brian Vickers.

How about Dale Ernhardt, Jr? He is has been at least reportedly linked to her


And her at one point or another!

Then there is the queen of the gear-sniffers: Kentucky Wildcat/MILF Ashley Judd, who is married to some IRL driver. What the hell is going on here? Are these women really attracted to musthaches? Or have the simply inhaled too much car exhaust?

Driving at break-neck speed on a crowded track for hours at a time? That, I sort-of understand. Pulling tail like this? No idea how they do it!

Have a great weekend sports fans, and remember, rubbin’ is racin’.


TGOM said...

Plenty of people wasting company time looking for info on the NASCAR wives and girlfriends and I waste plenty of company time posting about it.

Here's a pic of Dale Jr.'s current 21-year-old girflriend:

Elizabeth Peschock

Don't miss the other drivers' models:

Clint Bowyer's gf

Jimmie Johnson's wife

More pics here

Anonymous said...

Just because you dont know a damn thing about nascar or cars themselves, you think you can judge. There is a hell of alot more to nascar than drivivng around in circles. These men have to be smart to know how the car is driving and how to fix it. Know the difference between an engine blowing up or just a vibration in the transmision. That is why these women are clinging to these drivers. They have to think about stuff instead of throwing a ball somewhere.