Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Thoughts from the Best Weekend on the Calendar

Labor Day weekend is always the best weekend of the year. Its a 3 day weekend, it ends summer (easily the most overrated season of the year) and begins fall (the most underrated season), and it marks the beginning of COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

First and foremost, Cal, Colorado and Duke all Suck OUT LOUD. Jebus! Those three teams would all like to take a trip in the wayback machine and re-live this past weekend. Cal took a large step away from the title of "last team to beat USC in the regular season" and a large step towards the title of "Pac-10 team that most often fall short of their unwarranted hype." Doesn't it feel like about a decade ago that Cal beat USC in like 5 overtimes or something? And they are still living off of that game. Remember two years ago when they were pissed that they were sent to the holiday bowl instead of the rose bowl? Then Texas went out and won the rose bowl and Cal caught a beatdown in San Diego? Freakin whiners.

Lee Corso: I like you. I really do. But nice freaking pick.

And by the way, on the betting level, an SEC team (UT +2.5) GETTING points AT HOME against a whack-10 team (Cal)? Straight cash homies!

I used to think that no good football was played west of the rockies. Well, I may have to amend that line of thinking. Like, move that line of demarcation FURTHER EAST! After watching your Colorado Golden Buffs lose AT HOME to a 1-AA team. Who would have thought that a 70-3 browbeating at the hands of Texas would suddenly look good?

Speaking of looking good by comparison, who would have thought that a lacrosse team that is accused of getting drunk, and raping strippers while hurling racial epithets would be the SECOND MOST EMBARASSING TEAM ON CAMPUS?? The Duke Football Blue Devils went out and lost 13-0 at home to a 1-AA team. Thats right sports fans, an ACC team was SHUT OUT AT HOME by a 1-AA squad.

Was I the only one who thought the "full circle coverage" of the FSU - Miami game was overhyped, overdone, completely disorienting? Oh and by the way ESPN, everytime I feel like I have less Colin Coward in my life, you keep FEEDING ME MORE! Please for the love of all things holy! STOP!

Mark Jones: I like you. I really do. But get this through your head: FSU is the GARNETT and gold and tOSU is the SCARLET and gray. The Buckeyes do NOT wear garnett and gray!! He said that like 3 times.

If its possible to be unimpressive in a 50-14 win, then USC was unimpressive in beating Arkansas.

If its possible to be unimpressive in a 30-7 win, then Michigan was unimpressive in beating Vandy.

Starting to get focused for this Saturday's tOSU-Texas game...

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Mini Me said...

It should be a great night tonight. Maybe the best game of the regular season. I take Ohio State, but it will be close since the game is in Texas.