Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random Thoughts...

Sitting here watching the Mets-Braves... Lou Pinella is a really good announcer.

The show WebJunk isn't really that funny, but Patrice O'Neal makes the show worth watching. He is freaking hilarious.

People magazine paid $4 million for the first pictures of Brad and Angelina's new baby. I saw the pictures, and you know what? The baby looks exactly like every other baby I have ever seen in my life. Anyone else think they didn't get their money's worth on that decision?

FIve weeks from today is the first saturday of college football...

By now all of you have seen this

clip of the trampoline bear right? Am I the only one that doesn't think its that funny? I think that this

clip of the gay soccer ref is twice as funny.

Bartending tonight, I'll let you know how it goes

Friday, July 28, 2006

My Love-Hate Relationship with the World

Ok so a little more background: my loves and hates

Love #1:Football
I know that I said I love sports, but my obsession with football deserves its own entry. I love football. I love the NFL. I love college football. I love high school football. I played in college and all throughout my youth so it is in my blood and there's no getting it out. From the opening of college football till the Super Bowl is 24 weeks. I've done the math. And its the most glorious 24 weeks of the year. Those other 28 weeks in the year just don't compare. Check out
  • and at the bottom is a running clock till the start of football season. ( I think I just gave away who my favorite college fb team is! oops!). Can't wait

    Love #2: Sports
    most of the other sports are ok too. Love me some baseball.

    Love#3: Women
    I love women. I love you guys. I love the way you look, the way you smell, the way you walk. I just love women. Never had any questions about my own sexuality, because of how much I love women. I am lucky in that one of my jobs gives me the opportunity to be in contact with dozens of beautiful women on any given night. Love you all.

    Hate#1: Women
    you read that correctly. The guy/girl who wrote "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" was right. We might as well be from different planets. I have no idea what you girls are thinking, or why you do what you do. Or what it is exactly that you find attractive in half of the men that you lust over. And it is very frustrating!

    Hate #2: Hate
    hypocritical right? What I mean is I hate ignorance.

    Hate #3: Obnoxious Sports Writers
    if you have seen ESPN's obsession with obnoxous sports writers and their tendancy to try to put them on TV as much as possible, you know what I mean. And the more obnoxious they are, the more TV time they get. More on this later.

    Hate #4: (tie) The New York Yankees, The University of Michigan
    or as I call them, "The Axis of Evil"

    I have more loves and hates, but thats all I can think of right now
    Blogs are like vacuum cleaners: everyone has one, and all of 'em suck

    ok I know that is not an original, but it fits

    Before we go any farther, I should give all of you some background info on me. I am a New Yorker with Midwestern roots, but no desire to go back anytime soon. I work as an investment banking associate, and bartend part-time. Just broke up with a girlfriend of 6 months or so, well, lets be honest: she broke up with me. Lets call her Ana. (by the way, all of the names in my blog have been changed to protect the innocent) To be honest, my relationship with Ana was one of those relationships that was over in my head long before it was over for real so I can't say that I was that heartbroken. Plus I never stopped having sex with an F.W.B. that I met before i met Ana, so maybe I had it coming.

    I met both Ana and Annie (my FWB) at one of the bars that I work at. You would be amazed how attracted women are to bartenders. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you provide the alcohol? who knows. And if you know a few bar tricks? fuggetaboutit. Not complaining, just don't understand it.

    Anyway, back to Ana. She is from the Czech Republic and she is a very strange bird. The she was good in the sack, and she was very liberal with her compliments of me, and I have a feeling those might be the only two reasons I liked her. Who doesn't like a good lay and ego stroking right? But then she got both flaky and needy, a very weird combination right? Well she would cancel plans from time to time for mysterious reasons, while at the same time complain that we weren't seeing enough of each other during the week. If you know anything about I-Banking hours, then you probably know that they are not good for relationships.

    Annie on the other hand, is a teacher in Jersey, so we knew going in that we would only be able to see each other a couple times a month. We both agreed that we didn't want to get involved in a serious relationship, so in a way it worked out perfectly. Her personality is very strange. She always seems uncomfortable for some reason. I don't think she is as comfortable in her own skin as most women I come in contact with, and thats one reason why I haven't really wanted our interaction to advance beyond the FWB stage.
    My First Post Ever!!

    ok so this is my first post, so you'll have to excuse me if this sucks. I waste a great portion of my life reading blogs of all kinds, and I have determined that I can blog (is that a verb now?) as well as any of those other bloggers. As the title says, this will be my outlet for whatever is on my mind at the time.

    I am a big sports fan, and I follow dozens of sports blogs, so there is a chance that much of the content here will be sports-related. I am a single guy in the city, so I would guess that a portion of my ramblings will be in regards to my dating misadventures. I bartend part-time, so there will probably be some anecdotes about what goes on at my bar.

    I can't promise it will be good, funny, or interesting to you. All I can say is that I will be honest, and I will try to post as often as I can (untill I get bored of this whole blogging thing).

    So with that said, I hope that you will join me, and waste time reading what I waste time writing!