Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Only Question Now is: When Will She Get Her Own Column on si.com?

As we have seen in the past, it is extremely difficult to become a columnist on si.com. Their screening process is rigorous. Columnists must be true journalists.
We look forward to Ms. “fuck da eagles” being hired as a football columnist in time for next season. (maybe she can replace Peter King!)

(Update: the great blog with leather has more pics and a link to her whole Maxim spread)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Today, We Mourn a Champion



Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday T n' A!

Outstanding blogs we read regularly like kissing suzy kolber
and the hater nation have taken to celebrating the end of the week by posting pictures of hot chicks on Fridays. Needless to say we here at WCT are whores who will do anything we can to promote this train-wreck of a blog we have, and have decided to steal this idea to increase readership.

This week we debut a new weekly segment, the Friday T n' A post! Each week we will post a picture of a hot chick, and each picture will have some topical significance to current events, or whatever is on our minds at the time.

* * * * *

Those of you who, like us, are fans of college basketball know that this Saturday College Gameday will be in Columbus, Ohio to preview Saturday night's game between the Bucks and the Michigan State Spartans.

During football season having College Gameday broadcasting from the banks of the
Olentangy River is a normal occurrence, but having them in the winter is truly a special occasion.

In light of all this, this week's feature is ESPN sideline dime-piece Erin Andrews, who will be at Saturday night’s game. It warms our heart to know that EA will be visiting our home state this weekend, we only wish we were there to take a picture with her like this dork from Iowa.

Happy Friday everyone and go Buckeyes!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

With eyes this big, you would think he would be able to catch

“Did that blow your mind? Because that just happened!”

We have never been happier to have been 0-2 for a football weekend.

With all due respect to the Chicago Bears, their game against the Saints was pretty anti-climactic and boring and so we will focus most of our attention on the storylines from the Patriots/Colts game.

The 21-3 lead.

When Asante Samuel picked Manning off in the second quarter and took it in for six, we thought that was it. We said to ourselves “how is this Patriots team going to possibly blow this lead? Is Indy going to even score a touchdown? (remember they didn’t score one the entire Ravens game) I can’t believe this is happening again!”

We actually thought at that point that this game was going to be a blowout. We thought that even if Indy got their offense going, they were completely incapable of stopping the Pats and therefore had no chance of making up an 18 point lead.

And then even before the half when the Colts drove down deep into New England territory, their drive stalled and they were forced to kick the field goal. We still thought the game was over at halftime because it was still 21-6 and looking pretty bleak for Indy.

And then even after they finally scored a touchdown to open the second half and pull within 21-13, they allowed a huge kickoff return and an immediate touchdown to extend the lead, which brings us to our next point.

Indy special teams were brutal.

Every time the Colts scored a touchdown and regained some momentum, the Pats were able to get a huge kickoff return and start drives with great field position. We said, more than once during the Colts’ comeback, that Indy was going to lose the game and their special teams coverage teams were going to be the reason why. The Pats routinely started drives around their 40 yard line, and were able to score easily several times because of their short fields.

Indy has now beaten the Patriots three times in a row

Including the regular season. Can we now stop talking about how much Belichick “owns” Peyton Manning?

The excuses have already started flying

The refs. The heat in the dome. The flu. The Pats were tired from having flown to and from San Diego.

Lets take these in order. In my opinion there was one bad call and it was the roughing the passer penalty on Indy’s final drive. (they have to do something about that rule) But the way the Pats defense looked at that time, the 15 yards actually helped New England. The Colts were going to put it in the end zone, it was just a matter of time. Putting the ball on the 11 yard line instead of the 22 (it was half the distance to the goal) meant that they would score quicker, giving the Pats the ball back quicker.

As for the heat? Tough shit. When you have home field advantage you can do what you want to control the conditions (like the Celtics did when they turned the heat up in the Boston Garden, or like the Patriots did when they let their grass grow and didn’t cover the field during the ’04 playoffs)

The flu? I don’t know, have some Echinacea in the week leading up to the game.

The cross-country flights? The Pats have no one to blame but themselves for this one. These two teams met during the regular season (in New England) and the Colts won. As a result, when they ended the season with identical records, the Colts were the #3 seed meaning that they would play Baltimore in the second week of the playoffs and the Pats were the #4 meaning that they had to go out to Cali and play the Chargers. If the Pats wanted to avoid that trip, they should have taken care of business in the regular season.

Bill Bellyache is still a classless dick

Way to completely snub Manning when he sought you out to shake hands after the game.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Championship Orgy!

It is our opinion that the super bowl is almost always a let-down. Consequently, this weekend provides us with probably the two best games of the entire season.

We are coming off of a piss-poor 1-3 showing in the divisional weekend, bringing us to 4-4 for the post season. That is well below our standards, so we will try to pick things up for championship weekend.

New Orleans at Chicago (-2)

This is a tough one. Does Sexy Rexy have two good games in a row in him? How will the Bears defense stop all of the weapons of the Saints offense? How will the Saints do in bad weather?

During the regular season the Saints were 7-1 on the road, including a blowout road win against a nose-diving Giants team. They have also been one of the hottest team in the league in the second half of the season. On the other side of the ball, the Bears defense, which carried them through the first half of the season, faltered down the stretch, giving up 27, 31, 21, 26 (meaningless week 17 game vs. the Pack), and 24 points in their last five outings? I really don’t like the way this game looks for the Bears, especially if you need Rexy to make a play in the 4th quarter. Granted, he made maybe the biggest throw of his career in overtime last week to set up the game winning field goal, but I’m betting against him being able to do it two weeks in a row. I’ll take the Saints and the 2 points.

New England at Indianapolis (-3)

This game is not really about the spread, because the Patriots will most assuredly beat the 3 point spread without breaking a sweat. This game is more about who will get the outright win.

Earlier in the week we chronicled the many reasons to hate the Patriots and their coach, Bill Belichick. So we will be cheering loudly for the A-Rod of the NFL: Peyton Manning. Unfortunately, we have a sneaking suspicion that A-Rod will once again come up small in a big spot and come 10pm on Sunday night we will be watching Tom Fucking Brady and the rest of the Patriots celebrating on another team’s logo. Again.

As Bob Knight would put it, its inevitable so we might as well sit back and enjoy it. Now you’ll excuse us, we have to go to celebrate the Indian’s signing Trot Nixon! Wooo!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who to hate this weekend

The blogosphere is abuzz this week in anticipation of this Sunday’s AFC championship match-up. And
everyone is asking the same thing who do we cheer for? And more importantly, who do we cheer against? Who do we hate more? Who will be more insufferable if they win?

We here at WCT will be cheering loudly against the Patriots. Let us count the reasons to hate them

Bill Belichick

First foremost, Bill Belichick is an intolerable dick. Belichick (or as he was known as Browns coach in the early ‘90s, “Bill Bellyache”) is hailed as some sort of football messiah by most members of ESPN to the point that you would think that he invented the sport. As Cleveland Browns fans, this makes us sick to our stomach.

When Bellyache was the coach of the Browns, to put it kindly, he sucked. He was consistently out coached, all of his players hated him, and he alienated the fanbase. In 1993 he became jealous of the fame and influence that Bernie Kosar had with the other players and the Cleveland fans, so he had Kosar cut after the seventh game. In the middle of a playoff run he cut his starting quarterback. Let us say that one more time -he not only benched his starting quarterback, but this asshole cut him outright in the middle of the season. Predictably, the 5-2 team fell apart down the stretch (as any team would after its best player is cut) and finished 7-9. As a result of these actions, the city turned on Bellyache, and when Kosar landed on his feet in Dallas, fans began coming to Browns games in Cowboys jerseys. The disconnect that Bellyache created between the team and the city grew, and at least in small part, contributed to the Browns moving Baltimore in 1995. Cleveland has not forgiven him for this.

Fast forward a few years, and shift the scene to New York. When Bill Parcells stepped down as Jets coached, and inexplicably tapped a then-undeserving Bellyache to take his spot as coach, how does Belly repay him? By sending a cryptic fax the next day containing the now immortal words “I resign as HC of the NYJ” and bolting for a better offer from the Patriots. The rest, sadly, is history.

Not only that, but he is a home-wrecker (but who could blame the woman? She is only human after all, how can she possibly resist the dashing good looks and casanova personality of one William Bellyache).

Tom Brady

No, we don’t hate him because he is likely banging Gisele.

We hate him because he went to Michigan and is a smug prick. He cries every time he is touched in the pocket, and he talks more trash after the whistle more than any other quarterback we know. Just ask Brian Urlacher.

Rodney Harrison

The Patriots have this reputation for representing everything that is right in the world, yet they have the dirtiest player in the NFL on their roster.

Junior Seau

I’m not retiring! I’m graduating! (to the Patriots)

Romeo Crennel

The branch of the Belichick tree we ended up with in Cleveland. He is 10-22 in two seasons as Browns coach. The gift that keeps on giving

Bill Belichick

We aren’t done with him! Can you believe this dick refused to call by name or even lower himself to shake hands with his protégé (and current HC of the NYJ) Eric Mangini after the latter beat him in the regular season? But after he blows the Jets out in the playoffs he is literally shoving cameramen out of his way to hug Mangini and raving about what a great job he has done with the Jets?

So there you have it. That is why we hate the Patriots. That is why we cheered against them last Sunday, that is why will be cheering against them this Sunday, and when they inevitably win, that is why we will be cheering against them in the Super Bowl.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Fuck da Eagles Indeed

Thank you. Wow, where do we begin?

We should start with our thoughts on this past weekend's games:

That Colts-Ravens piece of crap was almost unwatchable.

And of course we are very happy that the Colts won after the countless tear-jerking pieces that ESPN ran all week about how heartbroken Baltimore fans were when the Colts moved in 1984. Of course they ignored the fact that by being fans of the Ravens they were supporting a team that they stole from Cleveland. Karma is a bitch.

And isn't it interesting how a win can make us ignore the performance of one player? Take a look at the analysis of our favorite writer. He wrote about how much better Manning was than McNair in Saturday's game. Nevermind the fact that McNair had a better completion percentage, the same number of picks, more yards, and a better passer rating. Make no mistake, McNair was shitty, but Manning was shittier. He just benefitted from a better performance from his supporting cast.

Andy Reid punts away the game

Final minutes of the game, 4th and 10 and the Eagles are willing to go for it in an attempt to save thier season. However, when they get a false start penalty and are instead faced with 4th and 15 he punts the ball away. Of course then the Saints just run out the remaining minutes and the Eagles never touch the ball again. Mind-boggling. His season was on the line, he only had one timeout left and he punted? Why was he willing to go for it on 4th and 10 but suddenly 4th and 15 is unattainable?

Seattle was very lucky to get this far in the playoffs

And it showed, allowing Rexy to embarass their secondary for 282 passing yards.

Marty has to go

I know that everyone loves him, and the talking heads on ESPN Radio are doing everything but pleading for him not to be fired, but the way he mismanaged the end of the game last night was inexusable.

First there was the inexplicable challenge after the interception. To the surprise of no one, the call on the field was upheld and he lost a crucial timeout. Then he calls a timeout at the line of scrimmage coming out of a timeout. Thats two timeouts wasted. Think that his team could have used those timeouts in the final minutes as they lined up for a 54-yard field goal with 8 seconds left?

Stomping on a team's logo after a win is classless

We thought the University of Miami had a monopoly on this. We know you probably won't hear this anywhere else, because everyone else in the world thinks the Patriots represent everything that is right in the world, but they aren't. They are a smug team who talks as much trash and taunts their opponents as much as any team in the league. And when they lose their coach throws tantrums and refuses to give respectful handshakes to opposing coaches. Fuck the Patriots

They were Talking about Mickey Free. Mickey Free is not a Girl

Please join me in welcoming a new member to the club of time-wasters. In honor of Prince being named as the halftime entertainment for Super Bowl XLI, we welcome his basketball cohort Mickey Free. Mickey Free is not a girl.

Friday, January 12, 2007

San Diego Super-Chargers

I love Charger fans

Divisional Playoff Orgy!

This weekend is the best weekend on the pro football calendar as far as I’m concerned, and your boy WCT heads into the divisional weekend with huge momentum building from the past two weeks of picks. Last week I was 3-1, and the only one I got wrong, was the Giants-Eagles game, when I inexplicably decided to pick along with Peter King. I won’t make that mistake again this week.

On to the picks!

Indianapolis at Baltimore (-4)

No one ever went broke betting against Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy in the playoffs, but this one is really tough. I see this game being very close, but I think that the Ravens can cover the number. The Colts did well stopping Larry Johnson last week, but what are the chances they do that two weeks in a row? Steve McNair is exactly the quarterback that the Ravens have needed to get over the hump since the immortal Trent Dilfer was released. Not only that, but the Ravens D’ looks as good as it has looked since they won it all in 2000. I think that Ray-Ray knows that he is over the hill and this is probably his last chance to get another ring. Take the Ravens and lay the points

(just to be safe lets double-check with
Peter, yep he picks Indy to beat the number. I’m taking the Ravens)

Philadelphia at New Orleans (-5.5)

Ok, last week I stuck with my late-season strategy and took the Eagles -7 and it cost me a perfect wild-card week. Not only that, but the Saints are my NFC super bowl pick, and I think the Jeff Garcia bubble is about to burst. The NFL screwed Philly by making them play a playoff game on a Saturday after winning on a Sunday. And not only are they playing after a short week, but they are playing a team that has been off for 13 days. The Saints have played very well at home this year, and after the home playoff drought that those fans have suffered through, the dome is going to be nuts on Saturday night. Take the Saints

Seattle at Chicago (-9)

Easiest one on the board by far. Take the Sexy Rexy and the Bears. Done

New England at San Diego (-4.5)

Anytime you can get the Patriots getting points against a (basically) rookie quarterback, and the second-worst playoff coach of all time, you take those points my friend. I think that the Super-Chargers might pull off the win, but it will be close.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Screw the World

Butch - "you ok?"

Marcellus - "nah....I'm pretty fuckin' far from 'ok' man"

-Pulp Fiction

Ok, so I'm usually a happy-go-lucky guy, but for obvious reasons (cough! 41-14) I'm not really in such a great mood. Consequently, I'm taking in out on a few of a growing number of douchebags that have come out of the woodwork in the last few weeks.

I've been wanting to get this off of my chest, so please indulge me.

Douchebag #1 - that assclown baseball writer from Chicago

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm anal, but whenever there is a major award or honor given out, I like to read the fine print and see who got how many 1st place votes and 2nd place votes etc. When reading the fine print from this weeks baseball hall of fame inductions, I noticed a little footnote stating that there was a writer that turned in a blank ballot. (mind you, he didn't abstain from voting, he turned in his freaking ballot blank. More on this in a second) Now, I was almost ready to let this pass. Then I heard this self-righteous gas-bag on Mike & Mike and I almost threw my radio at a wall.

This guy says that he refuses to vote for anyone who played during the 1994-2005 period he called the steroid era. He said that he does not know who was using and who wasn't during that period so he didn't want to vote anyone in.

It gets better.

He said that if a year goes by and he learns more about the era, or if he doesn't hear about anyone else taking performance enhancers during that time then maybe he will start to vote for players from the "steroid era." In other words, it is incumbent upon all players from this era to prove to him that they didn't take steroids. Either that, or if nothing else comes out, he'll be convinced. Priceless.

It gets better.

He then went on to say that he knew that Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken would be voted in anyway, and he wanted to make sure that they didn't get voted in unanimously. He felt that if guys like Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Aaron, and Mayes weren't unanimous, then no one should be.

Dickhead, if you don't want to vote, DON'T VOTE! But for you to go out of your way to send in a blank ballot tells me that you not only wanted to further your own agenda, but you wanted to call attention to yourself while doing so. (that is why I have refused to mention his name) And to all baseball writers who use the hall of fame election process as a method to preach from your own soapboxes about the "steroid era" and how players today don't compare to players of yesteryear, please, save it.

I cannot believe I just ranted about a Chicago-area sportswriter not named Jay Mariotti! I feel better already.

Douchebag #2 - That guy who voted Boise St. #1 in his final AP Ballot.

Ok, I see you working here. They were undefeated. They won a BCS game. But after watching that beat-down on Monday night, do you honestly think that they could stay on the field with Florida? The team that won by 1 touchdown or less against, Wyoming, Hawaii (at home), and San Jose Freaking State? They won by a field goal against a SJSU team with three WAC conference losses and you think that they are better then a Florida team that just dismatled the previously-undefeated Buckeyes?
Douchebag #3 - Bobby Petrino
You are a liar and a douche. You signed a 10 year contract (10 frigging years?) with Louisville last year and said that was "exactly where you wanted to be." Of course that was all after speaking to Auburn about its coaching postion. (even though your "friend" Tommy Tubberville held that job at the time) You will not last 3 years in Atlanta. Have fun with Mike Vick.
Douchebag # 4 - Chris Meyers
"Ok, I'll get out of the way now and let you propose to your girlfriend"
you are lucky Ian Johnson didn't punch you in the face.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Wild Card Orgy!

If you haven't noticed (and you probably haven't) I am on FIRE with my NFL picks. This is in stark contrast to my crapping the bed in my college bowl picks on awful announcing!, but that's another story for another day.

Without further Apu (zing!) here are my NFL Wild Card weekend picks. Lets keep the momentum going!

Kansas City at Indianapolis (-7)

First of all, let me say that these are definitely tough picks. I could see any of these eight teams winning this weekend. The Colts didn't lose at home all season, but I can't see them completely stopping Larry Johnson. When I come to a dillemma like this, I usually just see who Peter King picks, and go the other way. Petey has the Chiefs beating the spread, so I'll take the Colts and lay the touchdown.

Dallas at Seattle (-2.5)

This one looks pretty easy. The Cowboys come into this game on a slide, but so do the 'hawks. And Seattle played a soft schedule, in a weak division, and hasn't really beaten a legitamate opponent in weeks. Hell, they lost to the niners on a Thursday night with the division title on the line. Hasselbeck and Alexander have both missed time this year, and they have yet to get into rhythm this year. Take the 'boys and the points.

New York Jets at New England (-8.5)

Mangini vs. Belichek. I call it Stoic Bowl III. I can't stand the sight of the Patriots, so I really don't want to bet my reputation on them to cover. I really think they are going to beat the Jets, and I really think they are going to win comfortably, I just can't bring myself to lay that many points. The Pats rarely blow teams out, so I will reluctantly take the Jets and the points.

New York Giants at Philadelphia (-6.5)

This one seems like Eagles all the way. Petey-Pete has Philly covering, so I am really skittish, but I have been riding two things down the stretch this season: Betting for the Eagles, and betting against the Giants. Therefore this would be a double-whammy. Take the Eagles and lay the points. The Giants have been a train-wreck since week 8, and the party ends here.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nick Saban is a Spectacular Douche

That's all for right now

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thank you Detroit!

Today the Detroit Lions front office decided that they had seen enough. They were embarassed and tired of losing, so they came to the conclusion that they needed to fire the man responsible.

Of course I am referring to defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson.

Thats right, neither Matt Millen, the man who has screwed up draft after draft and led the Lions to pro football's worst record since taking the job, nor whoever that douchebag assistant coach was who got liquored up and decided to drive to Wendy's without pants lost their jobs, but Donnie Henderson did.

As a fan of a team that isn't the Lions, I along with the rest of the NFL say thank you.