Monday, October 23, 2006

There is an NBA on ESPN promo that hypes a game with the following line -"the Clippers look to get revenge on the Suns!" huh?? Revenge for what?

Speaking of the worldwide leader, when are they going to just pull the plug on Cold Pizza? After Thea was shown the door and they expanded the role of those two crochety old douchebags the show became a train wreck.

College football thoughts:

1) Why is it anytime there is a coaching opening in college OR THE NFL, the first name that comes up invariably is Kirk freakin' Ferentz?? Why does everyone suck off this guy? What has he EVER accomplished at Iowa? When was the last time he won a big game? Every year people try to put Iowa up with Ohio State and THEM (I know I stole that) they end up underachieving.

2) I have a funny feeling about The "U" (+5) this week against Georgia Tech. I would probably take the 'Canes. That is my WCT upset of the week.

3) As you know, I hate Penn St. But I do love this:

Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Thoughts During a BOOOOOOOORING Monday Night Game

Saturday night football at Penn St. this week. Which means if we are lucky, we get to see this again:

My LCS baseball picks -

NL - Mets in 5. Does anyone have more clutch hitters than the Mets? Also, always bet against the "genius" Tony LaRussa

AL - Tigers in 6. They look like this years '03 Marlins. They even have pudge.

Have you seen a less inspired performance that Auburn's on Saturday?

Stu - "Boo-yeah!!"
Chad - "Boo-No!!"
I love that commercial

Can someone please tell me why ESPN got rid of NFL Primetime?? I miss it already. Was it not getting ratings?

"Around the Horn" is now a completely unwatchable piece of crap. It has degenerated into Jay Mariotti whining, Woody Page babbling incoherently while doing unfunny schtick, Bill Plaschke acting holier than thou, and Statboy trying to hog camera time. Bring back Max Kellerman! Bring back Michael Holley!