Friday, July 28, 2006

My First Post Ever!!

ok so this is my first post, so you'll have to excuse me if this sucks. I waste a great portion of my life reading blogs of all kinds, and I have determined that I can blog (is that a verb now?) as well as any of those other bloggers. As the title says, this will be my outlet for whatever is on my mind at the time.

I am a big sports fan, and I follow dozens of sports blogs, so there is a chance that much of the content here will be sports-related. I am a single guy in the city, so I would guess that a portion of my ramblings will be in regards to my dating misadventures. I bartend part-time, so there will probably be some anecdotes about what goes on at my bar.

I can't promise it will be good, funny, or interesting to you. All I can say is that I will be honest, and I will try to post as often as I can (untill I get bored of this whole blogging thing).

So with that said, I hope that you will join me, and waste time reading what I waste time writing!

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