Thursday, June 07, 2007

Your Weekly Present from Us Comes a Day Early

Well, the weekend has come early here at WCT bitches! So we are serving up a heaping helping of Friday T&A on Thursday.

But first, let’s examine the 2007 NBA Finals, which begin tonight.

The official WCT pick is Spurs in six (we picked with our head, not our heart), but we will be cheering like hell for our Cavs to prove us wrong. Unlike
many, we think the Cavs have a very good shot to take down the Spurs for several reasons:

This is the most poised and determined the Cavs have looked all year.

Let’s face it. This is old hat to the Spurs. This is their fourth trip to the finals in nine years. They were just in the Western Conference Finals last year they cannot possibly be as hungry as the Cavs. And in the Pistons series, the Cavs had a look about them that we did not see at any point during the year. Every time Detroit made a run, the Cavs answered. Every time the Pistons did something to try to rattle them, the Cavs kept their composure. They had a hungry, determined look about them that we have not ever seen. Even LeBron, who at times during the regular season looked like he was sleepwalking, rose to the occasion in a way that no one thought he could. The hungrier team will always win a closely contested series, and we think the Cavs are hungrier. If the series is close, we like the Cavs.

When the whole world zigs, you should zag

Everyone and their momma thinks that the Spurs are sweeping the Cavs. Everyone (us included) thinks the Spurs have too much experience in situations like this to be beaten by the upstarts from Cleveland.

Remember last October, when everyone thought the Tigers, from the stronger AL would crush the 83-win Cardinals team from the “
AAAA Baseball League?” Remember the Florida team that didn’t have a shot against Ohio State in the BCS Championship game? (unfortunately, we do) Remember the Pistons team that was going to get run out of the gym by the Lakers in the ’04 finals? When you tell a team how much they suck and how they have no chance to win, it has a funny way of inspiring them.

Rest vs. rust

Most say that the ideal time a team would like to have off in between playoff series is three to five days. When game one tips off, the Cavs, who finished off the Pistons on Saturday, will have had four full days off. The Spurs will have been off for seven full days.

Better eye candy in the stands

Most importantly, and we checked with the Elias Sports Bureau on this one, the team with the women in the stands is 9-1 in the last 10 NBA Finals. The lone loss coming in 2004 of course when the Pistons beat the Lakers.

Come to a Cavs game on the right day, and you might have a seat next to Amanda

Amanda is a member of the Cavalier Girls dance team, the most underrated dance team in the NBA (who sit in the stands behind the baskets), a native of the Cleveland area, and All-Star representative of the Cavalier Girls at this past All-Star Game in Vegas.

Or, maybe Amanda will be dancing on the bar at a Cleveland area establishment, and you will be lucky enough to have a good view

On the other hand, come to a Spurs game, and you better hope that somebody doesn't forget to put on her make-up. Otherwise you might be seated next to...

Yama hama its fright night!

So there you have it. As Nick Backay used to say, everything makes sense when you break it down scientifically. We’ll try to check in with you sometime this weekend in the midst of our three-day bender. But for now, its time to grab our “WITNESS” t-shirt and our Andy Varejao wig, pull up a barstool, and settle in for game one.

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