Friday, June 01, 2007

Well, I'm Sure Glad I Decided Against Going to that Tribe Game

I really don't want to overstate things in the heat of the moment, but I think its fair to say that that people will point to May 31st, 2007 as the moment when LeBron became a "great" player. A "get on my back, I won't let us lose this game" great player. I have already heard more than one local sports talking head call last night's performance by James "the greatest postseason performance in Cleveland sports history" and I would be hard pressed to argue. A few quick hits:

(and since this is the Friday T&A post, there will be pictures of the Cavalier Girls peppered throughout the post)

- Nice to see the Cleveland teams do the Detroit two-step, with the Indians coming back to beat up the Tigers.

- I hate to pee all over everyone's parade, but the Cavs were up 3-2 going home against the Pistons last year in the second round of the playoffs. They should not get ahead of themselves.

- That being said, is it just me, or have the Cavs not outplayed the Pistons in each of the first five games of this series? They are essentially two made shots from sweeping and having the series not even reach game five.

- Everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone, in the bar we were in thought the game was over when Billups sank that three with just seconds left to put the Pistons up 91-89.

- Why are Detroit fans, especially the ones that were at the Palace last night, so quiet and tense? They are like Red Sox fans from a few years back. They just won the championship like two years ago.

- I really hope this quiets the idiot critics that hate on LeBron and expect him to be Michael Jordan in his fourth NBA season.

- He is Twenty-two years old for crying out loud.

- Antonio McDyess did not deserve to be ejected for his clothesline of Andy Varejao. He deserved a flagrant foul, but not an ejection. But oh well. Them's the breaks

- The Pistons complain about EVERY foul called against them! Every single one. Its really annoying

- I am by no means an NBA fanatic, especially to the extent that I am a baseball fanatic and a football fanatic, but really get irritated with NBA haters that make up reasons why they don't watch pro basketball. I hope this shuts a few of them up.

- One more thing: Billy Donovan is a douche. And a mercenary, and a Liar. I hope he is a spectacular failure in the NBA.

Well I'm at a loss for words. As a Cleveland sports fan, we don't have many nights like last night, so you have to let a guy bask in it for a while.

Have a great weekend people, and enjoy game six on Saturday night. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I will be back in New York for the game, and won't be able to go. But suffice it to say, I will be watching and will be sufficiently liquored up fired up for the festivities.


NFL Adam said...

Word. I flipped past the game, but there was like 2:34 left in one of the overtimes, and if it had been a moment sooner, I might have stayed and watched. But 2:34 is a lot of time to involve in an NBA game.

grittysquirrels said...

Yea I missed most of the game, did catch the OT though, which was great. I just hope that LeBron can get passionate and pour it on again in game 6. If he can maybe I'll tune in, but for now he's just saved the NBA Playoffs.