Thursday, May 31, 2007

Funny How Things Work Out

If our posts from this week have seemed more inspired, if you could feel the spirit of the Buckeye State oozing through this blog and out of your computer screen, its because we (I) am back in Cleveland for a couple of graduation parties. So instead of coming to you from my cubicle WCT world headquarters in midtown Manhattan, I am blogging this week from my parents' house the WCT midwest bureau in the Northeast Ohio suburbs.

(Quick Aside: Being back allowed me to attend game 4 of the Cavs-Pistons series on Tuesday, and come to the realization that an NBA game is no longer a sporting event, its a circus. Between the loud pumped-in music, the fire-balls, and the constant graphics on the jumbotron, or as its known here "Q-tube", you really feel like the average NBA fan must be a 14-year old with ADD.)

Anyway, tonight I will once again bathe myself in the overwhelming good fortune of our local sports teams, and their battles with Detroit (it always comes around to Ohio vs. Michigan doesn't it). We have a buddy who has tickets to the Tribe vs. Tigers game tonight at the Jake, but more likely, I will find my way to a local barstool, and have one eye on the baseball game, and one eye on the Cavs and the Pistons.

If the point of this post seems like an excuse boast, well thats because it is. It is not very often that we here in this fair city have two relevant sports teams that playing at the same time. And the fact that they are playing teams from the same city, just makes it even better.

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