Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I've Had it with these MothaF*ckin Snakes on this MuthaF*ckin Plane!

That has nothing to do with this post... I just think that might be the single funniest movie line of all time

So the new SI came out. The college football preview issue. And they named a certain scarlet-and-gray-clad team as their number one team for 2006. This is no good. I don't like this . I don't like this one bit. Why? because SI always gets it WRONG.

They called USC #1 last year (wrong) They said the panthers would win the super bowl last year (wrong) They said the yankees would win the world series last year (wrong) they said duke would win the ncaa basketball championship this year (wrong) they picked the OSU #1 in 1969 (wrong) '98 (i still remember that year.. F you Plaxico Burress!) and 2003 (ugh) This is not good...

So the Orioles are leading the Yankees 3-0 rignt now. It is not a matter of IF they are going to blow this game, it is a matter of HOW.

Is there a more overated team in the history of organized team sports than the 2006 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team?? Yes Brady Quinn is good. And he will probably be the #1 pick overall in next years NFL draft. But it has been over 11 months since they beat anyone decent. (a September 10th victory over Michigan. A team that would eventually lose FIVE games by the way) ND only beat TWO teams that would eventually end up with winning records last year. LLLLLoyd Carr and the 7-5 wolverines, and Navy, a team that hasn't beaten ND since JFK was in the white house.

Yes, they gave USC all they could handle in one of the most entertaining games I have ever seen. But they allowed a conversion on a late 4th and 9 and eventually found a way to lose. (incidently, Arizona St. also gave USC trouble and they ended up below .500. and five loss Fresno St. almost beat USC AT USC only weeks before losing at home to Nevada)

And how soon we forget that ND needed a late TD to beat the Pac-10 powerhouse Stanford in the last week of the season.

15 days..

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