Friday, February 09, 2007

The Dead Zone...

This week begins what we call the “dead zone.” You know, the time in between the Super Bowl and the college basketball conference tournaments. Every blogger and wannabe blogger rushes to the keyboard to chronicle this malaise the second the Super Bowl ends, so we will spare you our version of that spiel.

Instead, we will make a suggestion as to how you can pass the time until the first week in March. This is Kim Kardashian. We have no idea who she is, where she came from, what she has done to become famous, or what her general story is at all. All we know is that she is smoking hot, and according to the good folks at
The Big Lead she will have an internet sex tape released in the coming weeks. We will be spending the “dead zone” anxiously awaiting this tape from Ms. Kardashian.

Besides that, we will be feigning interest in regular season college and pro basketball (cheering for the Cavs on Friday and Sunday and Kentucky on Saturday night!), while keeping one eye on baseball spring training (pitchers & catchers report in 5 days!). This sex tape can’t come out soon enough!

Have a good weekend!


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Hassan Chopp said...

it's about time that middle easterners got into the porn business.