Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Respect I Tells Yah, No Respect!

Sources close to WCT inform us that the Super Bowl will be played this Sunday, and we have been breaking this game down all week. One thing is for certain, we are sick and F-ing tired of the Rex Bashers. He isn’t a bad quarterback, he is an inconsistent quarterback. He led the league in games with a QB rating under 40 (5), but he was also second in the league (7, incidentally, tied with Peyton Manning) in most games with a rating over 100. So statistically, he is more likely to be outstanding this Sunday than he is to be awful.

Lets take a closer look at those five “awful” games. We’ll give him a pass on the 0.0 rating he had in week 17. It was a meaningless game for the Bears (and as he said, “it was new year’s eve” after all. His mind was obviously elsewhere). The other four were a 10.2 in week 6 against the Cardinals on Monday night (win), a 36.8 in week 8 at the Dolphins (loss), a 23.2 in week 12 at New England (loss), and a 1.3 in week 13 against the Vikings (win). These were four horrible performances in a seven week span in the middle of the year, and the team was able to pick him up and go 2-2 in those games. After that week 13 stinker, when his team needed wins down the stretch for home-field advantage he responded with a week 14 rating of 114.4, a week 15 rating of 104.3, and a week 16 rating of 80.4. In those games he threw 5 TDs, 0 INTs and the Bears went 3-0.

Not only that, but he had more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, and a higher rating for the season that Brett Favre, and a higher rating for the postseason than one Peyton Manning.

Even though our Friday T n’ A is exclusively Colts cheerleaders (the Bears have no cheerleading squad) we feel as though it is Chicago that is getting no respect from Vegas. As soon as Marlon Jackson intercepted Tom Brady two Sundays ago, and we knew for certain what the match up would be, we came up with what we thought the spread should be, Colts -4. When we saw that it was 7, we immediately thought that Chicago was the bet. We have seen nothing over the last two weeks to dissuade us from this. So unless Brian Urlacher gets caught trying to pick up a $40 hooker the night before the game, we think that the smart money is on the Bears +7.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the game.

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