Monday, January 15, 2007

Thank you. Wow, where do we begin?

We should start with our thoughts on this past weekend's games:

That Colts-Ravens piece of crap was almost unwatchable.

And of course we are very happy that the Colts won after the countless tear-jerking pieces that ESPN ran all week about how heartbroken Baltimore fans were when the Colts moved in 1984. Of course they ignored the fact that by being fans of the Ravens they were supporting a team that they stole from Cleveland. Karma is a bitch.

And isn't it interesting how a win can make us ignore the performance of one player? Take a look at the analysis of our favorite writer. He wrote about how much better Manning was than McNair in Saturday's game. Nevermind the fact that McNair had a better completion percentage, the same number of picks, more yards, and a better passer rating. Make no mistake, McNair was shitty, but Manning was shittier. He just benefitted from a better performance from his supporting cast.

Andy Reid punts away the game

Final minutes of the game, 4th and 10 and the Eagles are willing to go for it in an attempt to save thier season. However, when they get a false start penalty and are instead faced with 4th and 15 he punts the ball away. Of course then the Saints just run out the remaining minutes and the Eagles never touch the ball again. Mind-boggling. His season was on the line, he only had one timeout left and he punted? Why was he willing to go for it on 4th and 10 but suddenly 4th and 15 is unattainable?

Seattle was very lucky to get this far in the playoffs

And it showed, allowing Rexy to embarass their secondary for 282 passing yards.

Marty has to go

I know that everyone loves him, and the talking heads on ESPN Radio are doing everything but pleading for him not to be fired, but the way he mismanaged the end of the game last night was inexusable.

First there was the inexplicable challenge after the interception. To the surprise of no one, the call on the field was upheld and he lost a crucial timeout. Then he calls a timeout at the line of scrimmage coming out of a timeout. Thats two timeouts wasted. Think that his team could have used those timeouts in the final minutes as they lined up for a 54-yard field goal with 8 seconds left?

Stomping on a team's logo after a win is classless

We thought the University of Miami had a monopoly on this. We know you probably won't hear this anywhere else, because everyone else in the world thinks the Patriots represent everything that is right in the world, but they aren't. They are a smug team who talks as much trash and taunts their opponents as much as any team in the league. And when they lose their coach throws tantrums and refuses to give respectful handshakes to opposing coaches. Fuck the Patriots

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Anonymous said...

im not sure if your mad because the patriots do "dirty things" or simply because your team cant beat them