Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good For You Tubby

Orlando Smith, you probably know him as "Tubby," decided today that he was going to leave the University of Kentucky and take the head coaching job at the University of Minnesota. This is probably because if you coach the Gophers to 29 wins per year for 9 years, five conference regular season championships, five conference tournament championships, three elite 8 finishes, one perfect regular season, and one national championship, they won't hate you and call you a failure. He should have known he was never going to survive at a school where they name arenas after his most racist predecessors.

By the way, Wildcat fans, if you hire Tom Crean, and rumors are saying he is at the top of the list, just know that besides the year he had a spectacular sophomore named Dwayne Wade, he has never won an NCAA tournament game. Plus he looks like one of these days he is going to kill somebody.

Good luck with all that.

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