Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Will Ferrell is in the Process of Jumping the Shark

We know, we know, this blog is usually devoted exclusively to sports commentary, and scantily clad women who are tangentially associated with sports, but we cannot stand idly by and allow this to happen without saying something.

Will Ferrell comedy movies, beginning with Old School, have gotten progressively worse and less funny. And this new skating movie, co-starring Jon “comedy suicide” Heder looks like it is going to be his undoing. Ugh.

We will probably still plunk down $11 to watch it, but based on the commercials, and our experience at Talladega Nights we are expecting the worst.

At least The Office's Jenna Fischer is in this piece of crap. We are big fans of hers, and we think she is the only hope for this movie.
OK, we promise the next post will go back to sports.

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Reel Fanatic said...

Jenna Fischer is indeed the most adorable chick on TV, but I'm definitely with you on this one ... I usually like Ferrell, but it's astounding how far Jon Heder has fallen since Napoleon Dynamite .. I can't think of one movie of his I've liked since then