Friday, March 23, 2007

Sweet Indeed

This weekend the entire sports world will be focused on college basketball as the sweet 16 (now 12 actually) is trimmed down to the final four. Eyes will be focused on the NCAA tournament not just for school spirit and bracket pools, but the regional semifinals and finals will be crawling with NBA scouts looking for the next big star.

Perhaps she
will be one of them. A tip of the hat to the guys at our book of scrap who have discovered Bonnie Jill Laflin, a cheerleader, turned model, turned actress, turned animal rights activist, turned sports broadcaster, turned NBA scout. Laflin is a scout for the Los Angeles Lakers and is also the assistant general manager of the Lakers developmental league affiliate. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

So if you are at the games, as we will be tonight at the regionals at the Meadowlands, keep an eye out for BJL.

On a different subject, Gisele Bundchen has announced that she is (not) preggo. First of all, we told you so! Well, sort of. Second of all, we are very disappointed that Mr. Tuck Rule will have only one baby’s mama giving birth this fall. Anyway, that gives us an excuse to another picture of Gisele.

Enjoy the weekend sports fans. And go Buckeyes.

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Mini Me said...

Wow she is hot. She could scout me all day long.