Friday, March 09, 2007

Who Dat is? Dats Just our Baby Daddy!

are we the only ones that remember that horrible song?

Much to our surprise, The Big Lead and Deadspin both reported Thursday that Tom Brady was apparently not quite done impregnating starlets.

The blogs cite a Brazilian report and a
Boston Globe report that state that Gisele Bundchen, current squeeze of the Patriots quarterback, is now pregnant with his child.

As TBL astutely points out, this would mean that Tommy Tuck Rule would have two children born by two different celebrity women within a few weeks of each other, sometime late this summer.

Is he trying to go after some kind of record? Is he going to become the new NFL Shawn Kemp? Or is he just trying to one-up Matt Leinart? And what about the two half-brothers/sisters that will be born? What kind of fucked-up relationship are they going to have?

Anyways, in honor of our Friday T&A feature, we know present you with some pictures of Gisele.

Savor the flavor

because she is not going to be looking like this for much longer.

We still are not convinced that we aren't all being had with this whole story, so if this all turns out to be false, we would like to say "we told you so" ahead of time.
In any event, happy conference tournament weekend everyone.
And as you venture out into the nightlife, please, please, for the love of God, bring a rubber (or two) with you.

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