Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great Moments in Cleveland Browns Draft Day History - 2001

One Cleveland Browns fan’s mental preparation for the team's next huge embarrassing draft day failure

We were perusing the
Kid Cleveland blog’s recap of the Browns 2001 draft, and they did a great job of outlining who our beloved Browns took, and more importantly, who they could have taken. Namely:

Browns overall pick #3 DT Gerard Warren

16.5 sacks in 4 seasons as a Brown. 0 pro bowls. Now on Denver.

Chargers overall pick #5 RB LaDanian Tomlinson

5 pro bowls, one MVP award, over 9,000 rushing yards, over 100 TDs, and called by some as the best running back ever to play pro football.

Patriots overall pick #6 DT Richard Seymor

5 pro bowls, 25.5 sacks (as a nose tackle), and considered by some as the best d-lineman in football.

Saints overall pick #23 RB Deuce McAllister

2 pro bowls, more than 5,500 rushing yards

Colts overall pick #30 WR Reggie Wayne

1 pro bowl (should be more), more than 5,400 receiving yards

Ravens overall pick #31 TE Todd Heap

2 pro bowls

Chargers overall pick #32 QB Drew Brees

3 pro bowls and a comeback player of the year award

Browns overall pick #33 WR Quincy Morgan

1,912 receiving yards in 3 years as a Brown. 0 pro bowls. Last seen in Denver

Bengals overall pick #36 WR Chad Johnson

4 pro bowls, nearly 7,000 receiving yards

Bengals overall pick #100 RB Rudi Johnson

1 pro bowl, more than 5,200 yards rushing

Bengals overall pick #204 WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Jeez this was a good draft for them!)


rstiles said...

I have to say, of late the Browns first picks have been good

- Kellen Winslow - he had a freak injury his 1st season and then screwed up in the off-season...but he is a monster!!

- Braylon Edwards - got hurt his 1st season but busted his tail and did not miss a gain last year...this should be his breakout year

- Kameron Wimbley - solid as fuck on defense...

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

Kam Wimbley is the only one that really looks good. KII and Braylon are both crybabies