Monday, April 16, 2007

Last Week in Baseball!

If you are like us, you grew up on Mel Allen and “This Week in Baseball.” Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!” Please don't sue us Fox!

The Jackie Robinson tributes Sunday were great. It was great because its impossible to overstate his value to American sports, and American history. It was also great because as much as we know (or thought we knew) about Jackie, we learned a lot about him on Sunday.

Now, on to our LWIB notes!

- The Phillies bullpen looks like it is going to be what prevents this team competing for a playoff spot. Its never a good thing when your closer, in this case Tom Gordon, has an ERA of 9, and the
eighth inning last Monday against the Mets was a disgrace. We hope that manager Charlie Manuel is renting and doesn’t own.

- Stop us if you've heard this before, but the Texas Rangers have no pitching. They currently have the second worst team ERA in the American League (5.07) and allowed 9, 8, 6, and 14 runs in games played last week. When is this team going to realize you can't win without pitching?

- Did you know that Mariano Rivera doesn't have a save yet this year? We're still shocked when he blows one as he did against the A's on Sunday. The Yanks starting rotation is becoming the walking wounded, with Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano joining Chien-Ming Wang on the DL.

- If you had "April 13" in your office's "when will Lou Pinella's first tirade as a Cubs Manager occur?" pool, congratulations..

- Manny Ramirez is still without a home run this year.

- Its April 16 and Nationals still suck. We feel that this team is going to make a serious run at the '62 Mets record of 120 losses. We will follow this story all summer.

- Albert Pujols is heating up. He had two more home runs on Sunday.

- The Braves are also hot out of the gates. The Braves-Mets race in the NL east will probably turn out to be the best division race in baseball this summer.

- The NL central, on the other hand, is a joke. In our NL west preview we predicted that division would be the worst in baseball. However, through the first two weeks, it looks like the central will out do the west in terms of suckiness.

* * * * *
Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our team every week - How about the Tribe winning a game with only one hit Sunday? C.C. Sabathia is on point so far this year, and it was nice to see the Indians take two of three from the White Sox and Angels (our pick for the AL pennant) in Milwaukee. Lets see how they do against the Yanks this week.

* * * * *
How ‘bout tha... er, I mean, I'll be goddamned! - "King" Felix Hernandez's pitching line so far this year - two starts, 17 IP, four hits allowed, no runs allowed, 0.47 WHIP, two wins. Yikes!

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