Friday, April 13, 2007

The Wiff!

We made
our feelings known on Josh Beckett during our preview of the AL East: we think he is tragically overrated. Apparently, according to The Boston Herald, The Fanhouse, and The Feed, there are women in the Boston who share our appraisal of the goateed right-hander.

Beckett apparently tried to pick up a girl at a bar with the always famous “hey you!” line. The girl knew exactly who he was (she reportedly told him “you pitched a great game today”) and was not impressed.

Maybe this is erroneous on both counts, but didn’t Beckett at one point or another to date both Leeann Tweeden, AND Alyssa Milano? Although to be fair, it has gotten to the point where we assume that every middling, underachieving Major League pitcher has run through Milano.

So this weekend as you hit the bars, raise your glass to whomever this chick is, and her ability to resist a Major League ballplayer, and a minor league pickup line. And when closing time rolls around, and you find yourself heading home alone, just remember, if a Red Sox player can get shot down at a bar in Boston, it can happen to anybody.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i was at the mariners game over the weekend, slipped, and found myself having sex with alyssa milano. she's that easy.

NFL Adam said...

Those two broads are with any dude in a jersey. She's like Iris from Can't Buy Me Love. Everybody has a ride. We really need somebody to step up big and land some new game.