Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great Moments in Cleveland Browns Draft Day History - 2002

One Cleveland Browns fan’s mental preparation for the team's next huge embarrassing draft day failure

April 20, 2002. Imagine yourself in the draft room. It is early in the second round.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue - "Pick #47, the Browns are on the clock"

Browns GM Carmen Policy - "OK guys, showtime! next up on our draft board is the Andre Davis! lets get him!"

Tagliabue - "with the 47th pick...of the 2002 NFL Draft...The Cleveland Browns select Andre Davis...Wide Receiver, Virginia Tech"

Policy - "Great work everyone! great work!"

(Someone forgets to cross Davis' name off on the draft board)
(Several other picks are made over the next few hours including #48 Reche Caldwell #51 Clinton Portis, #62 Antwaan Randle-El, #65 Deion Branch, and #91 Brian Westbrook)

* * * * *
(Fast forward ahead to the fifth round)

Tagliabue - "Pick number 141. The Cleveland Browns are on the clock"

(Policy notices that Davis' name is still on his draft board)

Policy - "Wait, did we forget to take that Davis kid?? What the hell is going on? Draft Davis Dammit!"

Tagliabue -"With the 141st pick of the NFL Draft...The Cleveland Browns select...Andra Davis...Linebacker... Florida"

We are not sure if this is exactly how these events went down in April of 2002, but we can only assume. The part that we did not make up was the fact that in the same draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Andre Davis, and Andra Davis (pronounced as Andre).

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