Thursday, April 26, 2007

Great Moments in Cleveland Browns Draft Day History - 2003

One Cleveland Browns fan’s mental preparation for the team's next huge embarrassing draft day failure

On April 26, 2003 our beloved Browns spent a second round pick (#52 overall) on Chaun Thompson, a linebacker from West Texas A&M.

Now admittedly, we are displaced Browns fans, living in New York, without Directtv, so we don't get to watch as much Browns football as we would like. But that being said, we have no earthly idea who Chaun Thompson is.

Now we can't really attack a draft pick that happend only four years ago, and far be it from us to question the logic of picking a guy who had eight career college sacks at West Texas A&M, but just for laughs, lets take a look at some of the linebackers who didn't make the cut on the Browns' draft board:

Victor Hobson (Picked #53)
Lance Briggs (#68)
Cato June (#198)

How about other defensive players?

Osi Umenyiora (#56)
Ricky Manning (#82)

Who who will be this year's Chaun Thompson?

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