Friday, April 20, 2007

Touch 'em All, Indeed

We realize that this story has been all over the blogosphere already and we are the last ones to the party, but we don’t care. The T&A post only comes around once a week, right?

The fact that average-to-below-average-MLB-pitcher groupie Alyssa Milano has a blog makes this story a Friday T&A lay-up. The fact that she has named said blog “Touch ‘em All” makes this story a Friday T&A lay-up on a 7-foot basket.

She has even started her own line of “Touch” apparel.

Seriously, this woman sleeps with anything with an ERA over 5 (Jake Westbrook! Someone is undoubtedly asking around for your phone number!!) and now she has a deal with Major League Baseball to sell her own line of clothes? And is blogging her “observations” on the MLB season? This is becoming too easy.

And congratulations to Ms. Milano for being the first ever woman to be the subject of two consecutive Friday T&A posts!

* * * * *
Have a good weekend blog-nation, enjoy the NBA Playoffs (go Cavs) and ESPN's Yanks & Sox-pocalypse.

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