Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Barbequed Links

(Thanks to Larry Brown Sports for the image)

Another loss and an early exit for the most overrated athlete in individual sports history. (ESPN)

As we said a couple of weeks ago,
the obsession with this pole vaulting chick has GOT to stop! (Washington Post)

Shawn, the son of Ed “guns” Hochuli, is an official in NFL Europe! A chip off the old (incredibly chiseled) block! In all seriousness, finding out little news tidbits like this is exactly why we love blogs (the FanHouse)

Non sports: Lindsay Lohan - who has been through rehab, and Alcoholics Anonymous, and was picked up for a DUI over the weekend, and was photographed drunk and puking her guts out a couple of days after her DUI arresthad a vodka company sponsoring her birthday party, but the company pulled out after her recent transgressions. I don’t have a joke here. (Signal to Noise)

Maria Sharapova, cussin’ at a chair umpire. Is that what they’re called? “Chair umpires?" (YouTube via the Hater Nation)

(quick aside: we have heard from more than one Russian-speaker that her last name should be pronounced sha-ROP-ova, not SHARA-pova.)

Evidently Ashley Judd’s husband races cars (who knew she was even married?). Not only that, he apparently won the Indy 500! We were more interested in the fact that former OSU Buckeyes and native Indianapolisians Indianapolans people from Indanapolis Mike Conley and Greg Oden were on hand. (Automotive Blogger via the Big Lead)

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