Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Delicious Links

We are feeling lazy today, so we have decided to do our very first links post.

Enjoy the delicious links!

If you watched any of the 6,234 hours of draft coverage last weekend, you probably saw the hilarious
Madden '08 commercial where Reggie Bush basically says “suck it” to the Houston Texans for passing on him in the ’06 draft. Well, EA Sports has apologized for the ad. (The FanHouse)

Isaiah Thomas appears to be significantly more successful with women than he is as a basketball executive, but
The Hater Nation isn't impressed.

One woman appears to be
throwing herself at former ESPN gasbag, and current NFL Network gasbag Rich Eisen. (Page Six)

When I saw NASCAR fans throwing debris at Jeff Gordon last weekend, I thought to myself, they sell beer CANS at NASCAR races?
I wasn't the only one who thought this. (Our book of Scrap)

This Jim Rome-Eric Wynalda (who?)
feud is getting ugly. (Sports by Brooks, Awful Announcing)

This morning on Mike & Mike, Joe Theisman,
ripped Brady Quinn for chewing gum. We guess he has to find new outlets for his special brand of dick-iness now that he was fired from his MNF gig, (the FanHouse)

First the Browns have the best draft in the NFL, then the Indians end the first month of the season in 1st place, now the Cavs
sweep their way into the second round. Next, we expect to see four horsemen with flaming skulls for heads fly through the sky. (the Plain Dealer)

This has nothing to do with sports: We have never been big fans of “Fergie,” and to all of those that we have argued with about her hotness,
we rest our case. (The Don and Mike Show website)

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