Friday, May 18, 2007

Greetings From Mexico*

*(not from us of course, we're still in New York)

Full disclosure: We are not really creative people. Granted. That is why we have chosen analytical lines of work rather than creative ones. As a result, right around Thursday afternoon, when we start thinking about the upcoming Friday T&A post, we often draw a blank. We can definitely empathize with writers and their problems with “writer’s block.” We could easily just post pictures of hot women that have nothing to do with the sports news of the day (hell, we’ve done it before) but that’s sort of the easy way out.

Whenever we are mired in this sort of fog, we are truly thankful when we are able to stumble upon a gem like the one we have been provided by the good folks at
Our Book of Scrap. This week, Scrap takes us to Mexico, for a live look-in on the Philadelphia Eagles’ Cheerleader calendar shoot.

The Eagles’ Cheerleaders - as Scrap points out and we tend to agree, are arguably the hottest cheerleading squad in the league - have even created a blog to chronicle the shoot and their trip to Mexico.

Although it is difficult for us to hear about the Eagles’ Cheerleaders and not long for the days of the Vet, when the peeping Tom visiting teams actually drilled holes in the locker room walls to spy on showering cheerleaders. Classy.

Anyway, we hope that the girls enjoy their time in Mexico, because we certainly enjoy hearing about the whole thing.

Have a good weekend folks. And here's hoping that this calendar shoot knocks the drafting of Kevin Kolb (and the Donovan McNabb hissy-fit that followed) out of the headlines in Philly.

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