Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We Are Officially Sick of Hearing the Words "Mike," "Vick," and "Dogfighting."

We are officially sick of this story.

Don't get us wrong, we own a dog, love dogs, and feel that idea of dogfighting is reprehensible. That being said, we are sick and tired of the indignation over this story.

We are sick of the grandstanding congressman, incidentally the same guy who was grandstanding on the baseball/steroids issue two years ago, who is calling for NFL Commish Goodell to hit Vick hard, “or else.”

We are sick of idiot players like Clinton Portis coming out and defending dogfighting.

We are sick of snarky sportswriters who are saying stupid things like “I bet the Falcons are sorry they got rid of Matt Schaub now!” Please. The Falcons will not miss Matt Schaub. Matt Schaub has never won an NFL start, and Houston Texan fans will soon see why Atlanta let him go for a song.

If the authorities eventually find that Mike Vick was involved with, or at least had knowledge of dogfighting taking place on his property, then by all means, throw the book at him. Until such time, please, lets just stop talking about this whole thing.

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T. Leach said...

I am officially sick of everything. Good bye, cruel canine cock fighting-world!