Monday, May 14, 2007

Last Week in Baseball! - Take a Stand Bud!

If you are like us, you grew up on Mel Allen and “This Week in Baseball.” Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!” Please don't sue us Fox!

For some reason, Bud Selig has still not decided whether or not he will attend Giants games when Barry Bonds gets close to Henry Aaron’s 755 home run mark. (we know, indecision from Selig? Shocking!) This has been the biggest lingering story of the baseball season, now that Roger Clemens is signed. Its our opinion that Bud has to go. Unlike Aaron himself, who is just a private citizen and owes nothing to Bonds or Major League Baseball, Selig represents MLB, and therefore his stance becomes the official stance of the league. If MLB had a positive test, or any other damning evidence against Bonds with respect to steroid use, then they should suspend him. Otherwise, they have to honor him as they would anyone else. Selig needs to take a stand one way or another on Bonds (we know, Selig not taking a stand? Shocking!), either a) suspend his ass for steroid use, or b) treat him like you treat every other player. Neither suspending him, nor showing up and congratulating him on passing Aaron is sitting on the fence.

Now, on to our LWIB notes!

- We knew this start of the season by Josh Beckett was too good to be true. That guy is never more than a few pitches away from his next blister.

- We think that the hot start by the Milwaukee Brewers is a bit of a mirage. Don’t get us wrong,
we think they are going to be good this year, but not “best record in the big leagues” good. After losing two of three to the Mets this past weekend, they still have yet to win a series from a team that is .500 or better. Starting this weekend the Brew has three game series with the Twins, Dodgers, Padres, and Braves. If they are still in first place on June 1 then we think they are for real.

- Nice to see that King Felix Hernandez will return to the Mariners rotation this week.

- On the other hand, it really sucks that Roy Halladay, who has an injury history so bad it makes Rondell White look like an ironman, now has to miss time with appendicitis.

- We are beginning to think that Brad Penny might be one of the more underrated pitchers in baseball. He is 5-0, leading the NL in ERA (1.39), and is banging
Big Lead favorite Eliza Dushku.

- As we are writing this, we just witnessed the Baltimore Orioles’ bullpen blow a five run ninth inning lead to the Red Sox to lose 6-5. Orioles idiot manager Sam Perlozzo removed starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie after eight shutout innings and 85 pitches. It must suck to be a fan of that team.

- We know that this is a baseball post, but we can’t let this go unsaid:
That Baron Davis dunk on Friday night was disgusting. Andrei Kirilenko should never be allowed to don a basketball uniform again after that.

* * * * *
Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our team every week - We have to give credit where credit is due: Josh Barfield is hitting .313 in May and has raised his average from .167 to .212. Maybe we were too hard on him. On the other hand, Grady Sizemore is batting .125 since appearing on the cover of SI (or since we got our copy anyway). One more thing: Joe Borowski makes us sick to our stomach.

* * * * *
How ‘bout tha... er, I mean, I'll be goddamned! - Giants rookie CF Fred Lewis had five hits, four RBIs and hit for the cycle in a 15-2 bludgeoning of the hapless Colorado Rockies. Who needs Barry?

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