Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is What We Call a Stretch.

The big sports story this week? The return of Roger Clemens

What brought about the need for the Yankees to bend over backwards to convince Clemens to come back? Injuries in their starting rotation.

Who is the highest profile and most oft-injured Yankee pitcher currently on the DL? Carl Pavano

What is his injury? Well reports are that he has and injured elbow and may require Tommy John ligament replacement surgery. We think he is suffering from a broken heart. And who can blame him, after the recent break-up he went through with her

Boys and girls, it is not easy to come up with new reasons to post pictures of semi-naked women and have those pictures relate in some way to the sports news of the day. Of course we could just be like
some people and post pictures of hot high school pole vaulters.

But we are above that sort of thing.

(Thanks to Our Book of Scrap and With Leather)


rstiles said...

AHHHHH....not the jailbait pole vaulter!!!!

Nice rack on Pavano's ex

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