Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hittin' The Links

New York Post Columnist Mike Vaccaro (whom we love reading by the way) gives you
a quiz to prepare for the return of the Rocket. (New York Post)

Oscar De La Hoya prepared for his fight with Floyd Mayweather by sparring with….
A.C. Slater?? No wonder he lost! (The Feed)

No one has the balls to say this, because she is a woman in a male-dominated industry, but
Suzyn Waldman is an absolute disgrace. We have never come across anyone, Yankee fan or not, that thinks she is even an average broadcaster, and this audio takes the cake. (Newsday, Awful Announcing)

Jon Heyman’s column on SI.com is a must read.
In this edition he discusses the Clemens sweepstakes and how it effects Carlos Zambrano’s contract negotiations. (si.com)

LA Angels right-handed tub-of-goo Bartolo Colon
might be hurt. Again. (LA Times)

The theater of the absurd that is, the Mike and Mike show, announced that Mark Schlereth
will be appearing on a soap opera. (Kissing Suzy Kolber)

It is becoming a weekly occurance to see videos of Red Sox fans acting like idiots. First they were throwing Pizza, then they were fighting with Blue Jays fans at SkyDome, now this. (Red Sox Monster)

Clips of people
cursing on TV!(Joe Sports Fan)

Brad Penny strikes out 14 Florida Marlins.
With his fly open. (Our Book of Scrap)


rstiles said...

I like the links...makes it easy to check out what is going on!!!

WastingCompanyTime6 said...

it also means that I am too lazy to come up with an original post of my own!