Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Linkin' Like its Our Job

Now that the formality of the NBA Lottery is out of the way, we can get to the real fun: The mock drafts! Chad Ford is sure that the Blazers will take Oden number 1, while the Big Lead is certain that they will take Durant. We're having fun already. (ESPN Insider, the Big Lead)

Andy Katz has the Celtics taking somebody named Yi Jianlian with the fifth pick. They went from intentionally tanking games to get a chance at Oden or Durant, to ending up with Yi Jianlian. That is a precipitous fall. Serves 'em right. (ESPN)

They used to award Super Bowls to cities. Now they award them to vague regions of states. “South Florida” has the big game in 2010, and now “North Texas” has it in 2011. “ Eastern North America” is the leading candidate to be awarded the game in 2012. (dallascowboys.com)

If you were a rich teenager and your dad was the greatest basketball player of all time, what would you do on vacation? Don’t lie, you would do stuff like this. And so would we. Don’t hate. (Media Take Out via Our Book of Scrap)

If Kenny Mayne really is using SportsCenter to promote Barack Obama and piss off Right-Wingers, then maybe we were all wrong about him. But this story is still pretty far-fetched. (SPORTSbyBROOKS)

Jason Giambi failed an amphetamines test last year. Wait, Giambi takes drugs? (New York Daily News)

You may have read
earlier this week about the NFL Assistant Coach who was forwarding porn around, well, we have found the culprit ladies and gentlemen. The streets are safe once again. (The Fanhouse)

Please, for the love of all that is holy,
stop sticking microphones in front of the mouth of Clinton Portis. (The Fanhouse)

A-rod’s take-out slide in the eighth inning last night a cheap shot? We think probably not, but it did raise our eyebrows when we saw it live. (The Boston Hearald)

A.J. Nicholson’s Girlfriend now says that the recently-released Bengal’s LB didn’t hit her, SHE HIT HERSELF. That’s a new one. (WCPO.com)

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