Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hot n' Fresh Links

We used to think that Ken Griffey, jr. was a miserable jerk who took himself too seriously, but this whole heckler/jockstrap incident is making us do a complete 180 on him. Junior is still having fun with the whole thing too.(Cincinnati Enquirer)

Another athlete is in trouble over lyrics on a record. First it was Greg Olsen and Miami’s 7th floor crew, now its Mets super-prospect Lastings Milledge, AKA L-Milz. (Deadspin, The New York Post via SPORTSbyBROOKS)

Carson Palmer should fire his agent for signing him up for this ad! Or who knows, maybe he is just preparing himself for a career in gay porn after football is over. (Awful Announcing)

Is Tony Romo turning into the new NFL Golden Boy? (The Big Lead)

We think that Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard is a bit of a “butter-face,” Perhaps you thinks she is do-able. Weigh in on this important topic here. (The Big Picture)

That high school (!!!) pole vaulter that everyone in the blogosphere is obsessed with…remember her?

Good. Anyways, there is a YouTube video of her, and she actually doesn’t look that hot in her interview. So lets stop obsessing. (YouTube via With Leather)

Who do the K.C. Royals have in charge as they try to turn around their culture of losing? Why, the losingest man in baseball history of course (the Fanhouse)

A college women’s golf coach is in hot water for, among other things, showing his team the Paris Hilton sex tape. Classy. (NewsChannel 32 via The Big Lead)

This has nothing to do with sports: Speaking of Ms. Hilton, her license is still suspended, but in an act of civil disobedience, she continues to drive anyway. (WWTDD)

This also has nothing to do with sports: Jared, the annoying guy from the Subway commercials apparently
was at one time, the porn king of Indiana University (TMZ via Joe Sports Fan)

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